Mr. Abdullah Saleh Alhedyan

General Manager

Mr. Saud Jebreen

Legal Advisor / Lawyer

Dr. Mohit Srivastava

Registrar (E.N.T – Otolaryngologist Specialist)

Dr. Sumaira Ashai

Registrar (Family Medicine Specialist)

Dr. Zeeshan Hussain

General Practitioner

Dr. Hazqah Qadri

General Practitioner

Dr. Shahnaz Ghul

General Practitioner

Dr. Razia Shaik

General Practitioner

Dr. Kalid Alqahtani


Ms. Kholoud Albalawi

Laboratory Specialist

Eng. Sneddon Tangon

Bio-Medical Engineer

Ms. Madawi Dhafer

Dental Assistant

Ms. Dalia Mubaraki

Dental Assistant

Ms. Hannan Assiri

Dental Assistant

Ms. Safia Ghazwani

Dental Assistant

Ms. Hajar Sufyani

Dental Assistant

Ms. Amal Qureshi

Dental Assistant

Ms. Reejakumari


Mr. Ronald Singco


Mr. Vishnu Radhakrishnan


Ms. Shahad Asiri

Medical Secretary

Ms. Fawzia Alsherida

Head of Sales & Purchasing

Mr. Saleh Alhedyan

Government’s Relation Representative

Ms. Yasmeen Alhedyan

Sales Representative

Mr. Shafiur Rehman


Mr. Azhar Jalil

Professional Skills

25 Years Of Experience In Medical Services

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